The floated motor boat is the 25th product of shipbuilding and the first of motor boats of this type for the entity. The motor boat according to the state defensive order for Naval Forces of VS of DM of RK is made. Boat length - about 13 m, width - about 3,5 m, displacement - about 12 t, draft - about 0,6 m.

The motor boat is intended for ensuring actions of the divisions of a special purpose for counteraction to underwater diversionary forces and means including patrol and protection of objects in a port zone and objects of sea economic activity from underwater diversionary threats; delivery of special division to the area of their possible manifestation; detection, classification and determination of parameters of movement of fighting swimmers and means of their delivery.

For performance of tasks according to the appointment the boat is equipped with special products, and also modern means of communication and navigation.

In festive event a management of the West Kazakhstan region, Deputy of chief commander of BC PK Naval forces, the first rank captain Burambayev S. Zh. took part., Armed Forces veterans, representatives of local authorities and plant staff.