The festive event has begun with a speech of the CEO of JSC Ural Plant Zenit Valiyev V. H. With congratulations also acted the akim of the West Kazakhstan region Kulginov A. S., deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Utemisov Sh. A., deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan of III-IV-V of convocations Tarasenko E. I., vice chairman of the board of JSC Kazakhstan engineering National Company Satzhanov K. S., chairman of the Central Committee of labor union of workers of mechanical engineering Kusainov K. K., representatives of Defense agency and Border service of KNB RK, veterans of the city and plant, heads of the city and related entities, representatives of an education system and health care of area. Congratulations alternated with speeches of artists – songs performed by chorus of veterans of the plant and guests of a holiday, including soloists of the Central ensemble of the Ministry of Defence, the dances presented by dancing staff of “Zenit” recreation center – “Antre” and children's choreographic studio.

On the eve of a holiday have been held a competition on the best anniversary sign, the anniversary booklet and the movie about the plant is prepared and issued, there have taken place competitions of professional skill and a sports contest. The day before and in day of an anniversary action there took place the exhibition of applied art at which factory workers presented the skill.